Training Overview

Introducing the ultimate training program for active shooter and mass casualty attacks. Our program focuses on the most critical aspects of prevention and response, offering unparalleled effectiveness and ease of implementation. Key features include: 

  • Uniform methodology of best practices setting an industry standard
  • Easy-to-understand tactics suitable for individuals with no security experience
  • Under an hour training that can be applied immediately
  • Flexibility to choose between lethal and less-than-lethal options
  • Downloadable materials including training video, translated PDF resources, and printable "code blue" cheat sheet
  • Budget-friendly and adaptable to any location
  • Accessible worldwide for immediate implementation 

Equip yourself and your team with the best training available to effectively handle active shooter threats. Sign up today to create a safer environment and achieve peace of mind. 

This Training Saves Lives

This groundbreaking training program is a life-saving solution that revolutionizes the way we handle active shooter and mass casualty incidents. With its unparalleled effectiveness and simplicity, this program stands out from the rest. By prioritizing key actions and empowering individuals without security experience, it equips them with the necessary knowledge and tactics to respond swiftly and effectively. The program's unique methodology, based on proven commonsense truths, sets an industry standard that maximizes the chances of survival. With its flexible approach, budget-friendly options, and worldwide accessibility, this program ensures that lives are saved, threats are confronted, and communities are empowered to face the worst-case scenario with confidence and preparedness. 


Meet Joe Banta

Joseph Banta, the Principal of Global Trek Ventures, is a highly qualified expert in security and protection. With extensive experience as an independent security contractor for the U.S. government, he has provided personal protection for high-level officials and secured government facilities in high-threat combat zones. Joseph's expertise lies in the assessment, design, and implementation of facility security components, including physical barriers, surveillance technology, and emergency action procedures. He possesses specialized training in tactical operations, close quarters battle techniques, and combat life-saving medicine. Joseph's exceptional qualifications, combined with his top-level security clearances and military background, make him the ideal professional to provide effective solutions for active shooter and mass casualty incidents. 

  • Vital Training Resources for All

    This training works seamlessly with any security defense and mitigation plan that big or small entities currently employ.

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  • Common Sense Response Content

    Everyone needs to know how to best prepare against an attack and the various scenarios that arise along with it.

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  • Smart Options to Maximize Defense

    A sample of smart options to cheaply maximize defense, including preparation steps and in-the-moment action.

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It's Time To Take Action

Don't wait for tragedy to strike. Take action now and empower your organization with the knowledge and skills to prevent and respond to active shooter and mass casualty incidents effectively. By signing up for this training program, you are investing in the safety and well-being of your team, equipping them with the tools they need to save lives. Join the growing community of organizations that have prioritized security and preparedness by purchasing this training today. 

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