A Sample of Smart Options to Cheaply Maximize Defense

Locate CCTV camera monitor(s) in a school or business’s busy front office or near a small store’s checkout counter

  • If your location does not have a dedicated security guard office with 24/7 monitoring, share the load. People are naturally curious. More eyes on, watching what’s going on, can help to spot a threat early to help warn you.

Control the entry and exit points

  • Funnel traffic through specific areas to reinforce your defense capabilities.
  • Lockable double door entries will enforce single person entrance if desired. 
  • Harden entry glass with inexpensive ballistic resistant film applied. 

Install a hidden alert button 

  • Authorities can be secretly notified immediately. 

Harden items within to act as protection from bullets 

  • This will help to protect people and buy precious time to react. 
  • This can be reinforced front desks, entry walls and windows, store end caps, shelving, decorative dirt filled planters, etc. 

Have a plan to immediately put pressure on the threat 

  • Stop or at least slow them so they are prevented from hurting others with ease as they desire.
  • The most carnage takes place within the first initial minutes. You will be there. Not police. 

Utilize protective gear and smart tactics to help win the fight 

  • If you're forced to confront a threat, protective gear will give you an obvious advantage. 

Stop the wounded from dying of blood loss 

  • Use of direct pressure and tourniquets is critical until medical care can arrive on scene. 
  • It can take under 3 minutes to bleed out completely. You must buy time. 
  • Keep large quantities of tourniquets positioned all throughout the location for mass casualties. 
  • You do not need to be a doctor. You need to prevent blood loss until EMS arrives.