Vital Resource for All

This training works seamlessly with any security defense and mitigation plan that big or small entities currently employ. It can also be used as an introductory and refresher course to the training they already offer. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video series:

  • Site security big picture and overview.
  • Best ways to prevent and prepare for an attack.
  • Best ways to respond to and deal with an attack.
  • Best ways to prevent loss of life during and after an attack.
  • Drills to perform at your location to prepare for an attack.

Large corporations, government facilities, industrial size factories, big box chain stores, college campuses, school districts, synagogues, concert venues, sports stadiums and virtually any other large-scale organization will absolutely enhance their ability to maximize the potential to save lives by putting the tactics and information found within Common Sense Response into practice. 

Average citizens and all the small mom and pop businesses that exist are the backbone of any prosperous society. However, this demographic is often underfunded yet requires the same ability to protect themselves and others. 

Common Sense Response is the first to address this reality in a way that actually works for all. It incorporates the best of the best of what can and should be done. It sets an industry standard that all other security plans must incorporate and start with if their end goal is to actually maximize the ability to save life. 

What is important is solid repeatable outcomes, facilitated by a unified group response. This requires focus on what matters most using the smartest tactics and it requires educating everyone involved. A better-informed public is better prepared overall. This is how we win this battle against the predators who prey upon the innocent. 

Common Sense Response has been cleverly crafted to be condensed into just under an hour of total length. This is critically important to the overall success of the effectiveness of a security plan for a variety of reasons as you will see once you view the training. Everyone has busy lives. Time matters.